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      Concordia Trading & Services Est.   

Concordia Trading & Services Est. is a supplies and services company catering for the oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and construction industries.


At Concordia Trading & Services Est. we are dedicated to serving our customer by delivering a high quality product at the required delivery time and at the best price. This can only be achieved by establishing a strong long-term relationship with our suppliers based upon mutual respect and communication.


Concordia believes its value is not only in the details of the product being supplied, but also in the Quality Process. This process insures consistent and meaningful communication, before, during and at the conclusion of every project we are involved with.


Concordia has an Advisory Board whom between them have over one hundred and thirty years of experience within a range of market sectors such as oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, trading and construction. This experience and market knowledge will ensure we provide our clients as well as our principles with a high standard of service.

Concordia Trading & Services